Social Networking for Business

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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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Social Networking for Business

In the current modern world, social networking has helps big companies and small businesses to reach out to their potential customers by connecting through Facebook, finding how customers interest on their products through twitter, LinkedIn, open communication which allow customers to be in contact with producers as well less cost for advertisement. As I say before social networks are online sites mainly focus on building a social relationship among the people who may be having common interests or are involved in common activities. This is whereby the users create profiles, his or her personal social link and put any other information in it for his or her target customers. Most of these social networks are based on websites and offers means of interaction for the users through the internet. This can be through emails or instant communication in the form of a chat. Generally, this is an online community where the members of this community share ideas, events and declare their interests within this network. Members of these networks may be former or current classmates or workmates. However, various researchers have expressed different ideas regarding the social networks. Some feel that they are helpful while others express worries concerning the use of these networks.

Firstly, social network like Facebook connect customers with sellers. No matter which countries or cities you are living in, the usage of Facebook had allowed many people to easily connect to many different brands across the world. Using social network allows customers to connect with friends those who already make use of your services .convince current customers to join your network by posting a flier about it at your place of business and also print the web address of your preferred network on your next batch of the business cards. If you run a store, slip small postcards in the shopping bags when customers purchase something, encouraging them to find your...
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