Social Networking Essay

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  • Published : February 17, 2012
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For millions of people all over the world, Facebook has become an integral part of life. Facebook has become a widely accepted means of communication. It is a never-ending virtual social gathering filled with adopted puppies, baby announcements, political views, viral articles and videos, events, groups, organizations and fan pages. I recently read an article entitled, "Why do people use Facebook?" that suggests this social networking site meets two primary human needs: (1) the need to belong, and (2) the need for self-presentation. The article also acknowledges demographic and cultural factors as they relate to the belonging need, and the variation of personality types on Facebook usage. My fascination with Facebook is mainly as a way of staying in communication with friends and family, most of whom are thousands of miles away. As a stay-at-home military spouse currently stationed in a rather remote base in Alaska, being able to maintain a constant relationship with those so far away is a crucial part of my everyday life here in the tundra. My Facebook page was actually created about four years ago, but has become more of a daily routine over the past two. Since its inception, I have personalized my page by adding and updating my basic information, contact information, work and education, likes and interests, and more. Once I initially personalized my Facebook profile, I set out on a search to find childhood friends and currently have 20+ friends on my page that I went to elementary and middle school with. I did this by performing a basic name search as well as finding childhood friends from the Facebook profiles of other friends. In addition to looking for childhood friends, I also performed a Facebook generated e-mail and name search for those I was in current contact with (i.e. co-workers, current friends, fellow military spouses, family members, and more). I have also created and managed numerous photo albums to my Facebook page, uploading...
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