Social Networking and Psychological Wellbeing

Topics: Social network service, Sociology, Anxiety Pages: 8 (1967 words) Published: April 29, 2013
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Slide 1 – Title page

Slide 2 – Rationale and Background
* What first spawned the idea was how I constantly kept seeing friends sitting next to each other in public places, like on the bus and the fact that there were not talking to each other but on their phones and how more often or not they were on Facebook or another SNS, this brought about the question for me ‘why?’ ‘why are you on your phone instead of talking to your friend?’ is it because you feel awkward talking to them, do you feel awkward or in capable of talking to people outside of social networking sites? And if so, why is this? Is it because you use SNS’ and this has had an effect on you ability to socialise? – this lead to me never using my phone around my friends and us banning the use of mobiles at the pub unless you are calling to find out where someone is – the rules!

* Nearly everyone uses one type of social networking sites or another, it is a big thing, everyone is on it, all the time it’s a phenomenon?

* But is it a paradox? – by using social networking sites to be more social do you in fact become less social offline as a consequence?

* In 1996 that was thought to be the case!

* Kraut et al (1996) ‘internet paradox’ – found that social communication is the most dominant use of the internet at home – found through case longitudinal case studies, - provided a surprising consistent picture that greater use of the internet was associated with a small, but significant decline in social involvement – lead to an increase in loneliness and depression. – they found support for their hypothesis – were not sure how generalizable their findings were.

* . possible causation – displacing social activity ( more time on the internet means less time offline)

* This research led to more questions being asked about the connection between online communication and its effect on psychological well being

* Do it effect different areas of psychology (anxiety? Self esteem? Depression? Loneliness? Jealousy?)

* Considering that most people in university use different SNS’, it is addictive and used religiously, so much so that its banned in the library because it is such a distraction.

* 90% of campus students use SNS – Facebook alone has more than a billions members over the world

* With SNS being such a big part of people’s lives it is important to look at its effects on wellbeing

* Especially in the areas of depression, anxiety and self-esteem - students being high risk to these issues

* These are the focus of this research! And provide further support for previous study.

Slide 3 – Research questions
* To investigate the effect that the use of SNS has on depression, anxiety and levels of self esteem.

Slide 4 – Social Networking
* What it is? How many people use it? Facebook etc.

Slide 5 – Psychological wellbeing

* There is evidence to suggest…..
* Depression – (Young -1998) – use of SNS helps to maintain social connection - which has been shown to diminish the negative effects of stressful life events and help in the prevention of depressive symptoms. – (cotton, 2001) – through social buffers * Social augmentation hypothesis - More communications via SNS leads to more social recourses and better psychological wellbeing and lower level of depression – larger social networks mean closer relationships and perceived social support – happier – more use of communication (SNS) will benefit more psychologically. Negative

Social displacement hypothesis
* SNS displaces valuable everyday contact with family and friends – negative implications on psychological well-being. – supporting this is the theory that social interactions online cannot act as psychological equivalents for social interaction offline – leading to weaker connections and lesser chance of enduring social support. * Connections between depression and young...
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