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Topics: Social network service, Friendship, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 1 (420 words) Published: September 29, 2013
 As time goes on technology is advancing, people are evolving, and even friendships are changing. With social networks such as Twitter and Facebook users are able to have hundreds of friends, but are they really true friendships? Social networking gives the illusion that people have friends, followers, and people that care about their “status”, when in reality those people are just a computer page. Before social networks friends met face to face and really invested the time to get to know one another, but this concept is now lost. Instead of grabbing a cup of coffee to catch up with a friend, they log onto the computer and read their friend’s profile wall. One cannot truly know another until they take the time to actually interact with them and see their actions. You can’t claim to have friends based upon what you have read off their Facebook wall because it’s easy to lie and deceive people through the internet. For example, the Joe from New York who works out five times a day, can really be Sam who lives with his mom and weighs five hundred pounds. Also, by using social network sites you are giving up your privacy. In a profile alone you are telling the world your name, relationship status, age, and where you live. Is that really necessary to share with everyone? Secondly, people feel the need to post every movement they make somewhere on the internet. When in reality nobody cares if you ate a turkey sandwich for lunch or if you’re spending the day at the Bronx Zoo with your family. And if you’re with your family shouldn’t you stay off the internet for a while and enjoy their company? People argue that social networks allow others to keep in touch with family members and reconnect with old friends. They claim it’s an easier way to send pictures and communicate. There are other ways to keep in touch with loved ones without throwing your information all over the internet. Skype, Face Time, e-mail, and texting all provide a more personal and private...
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