Social Networking

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Social Networking
With so many new devices that have been introduced to the market in the United States it is not a surprise that many people do not interact with each other as much as before. Instead of kids being outdoors playing with the neighbors, more and more children would rather stay inside their homes and play video games all day. There is an argument that technology is taking over people’s lives. All of these new advances in technology do in fact distract from certain ways that people interact socially. But social networking does more to help the lives of American teens. Through social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Oovoo and Instagram, teenagers are able to be brought together, interact with others far away, and stay connected and aware of things that are going on all around them.

Sites like Skype and Oovoo, allow people to have video calls with others for free. All it takes to see someone else through a computer screen is an account with a site that allows video calls, a computer, internet, and a web cam. Through these means teenagers are able to get in contact with others who live far away like family: aunts, uncles, cousins, and even grandparents. The benefit of this method of communication is that not only is this service free of long bills in the mail, but through these sites people are able to see each other although they are separated by a computer screen.

Social networking also helps teenagers communicate with people far away, such as friends who have gone off to college. Through websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, teens are able to catch up with their friends and see what they are doing. Instead of having to access a computer to go on these social networks advanced technology has made it possible for teens to communicate using applications. There are thousands of apps available on most mobile devices making it much easier for teens to access.

Instagram is an application that is only available through mobile carriers....
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