Social Networking

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Social Networking
Social Networking is changing every day. New ways to communicate and interact through online networks is a trend that is so immensely popular that it is harder and harder to keep up with this new technology. People spend such countless hours using social networking for business use and personal use that many people have become dependent on modern technology and social networking for their everyday lives. What then is the cause for this social networking craze? The social networking craze is based on popularity and trendiness just as fashion is based on the same principles. People are always looking for the next best thing that catches their attention with new features, looks and customizability. In “MySpace, Facebook, and other Social Networking Sites: Hot Today, Gone Tomorrow?” by multiple authors from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the authors wrote that "success of these (social networking) sites will depend on their ability to retain the interest of their members." Websites such as MySpace are examples of websites that at one time had many users and were one of the biggest social networking sites worldwide; However in recent years, websites such as Facebook, and twitter have taken over the spotlight and made MySpace the old toy nobody wants to play with anymore. (352)

People are always trying to create new social networking websites to compete with the current websites that have millions of users. For a website to be successful, it must first appeal to the users’ liking. Users like websites which are easy to use and interact with, have sleek designs, have new features, and catch the users’ interest. Once a website has achieved all of that, it must continue to keep up with trends or users will get bored very quickly and move on to the next newest thing. Social Networking can be very useful in interacting and keeping up with family and friends, even ones across the world, but with all good things, someone must ask “how does it hurt how we live our lives?” The average American spends approximately 5 hours per month on social networking sites; however, some users can spend much more time on networking sites and develop an addiction that takes control of their lives and makes them become dependent on them to find fulfillment in their lives. According to Theodora Stites’ article “Someone to Watch Over Me,” Theodora checks her instant messenger, e-mail, messages, bulletins, invitations, friend requests, comments phone messages, Facebook, Nerve, MySpace, and Friendster before even brushing her teeth in the morning. Why must Stites spend numerous hours on so many social networking sites? "I need to belong to all of them because each one enables me to connect to people with different levels of social intimacy" Stites says. The worse problem, however, is the addiction to social networking that leaves someone incapable of communicating in the real world (358). Social Networking is being relied on by people too much and consequently they aren't able to communicate as effectively in the real world and don’t learn what to do without it. In “Social Networking Sites – A Critical analysis of Its Impact on Personal Social Life” the authors state that “Social networking users face severe health risks because they reduce face-to-face contact and become addicted in a virtual world of relationships.” Sherry Turkle writes about the use of cellphones by kids in her article “Living Online: I’ll Have to Ask My Friends,” and says “the adolescent does not have the experience of being alone, of having only him or herself to count on” (223). Social Networking is becoming a place where people can have a voice without argument; that can be viewed as a good thing, but also creates a problem as to people not being able to voice themselves in the real world for fear of people judging and being argumentative with them. It can also affect productivity in the workplace. Employees spending numerous hours on social...
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