Social Networking

Twitter, Social networking service, Bebo

I will show a presentation about social networking.
What we are going to do is:
* We’ll look at what we might mean by social networks
* We’ll look at the shape of online social networks
* And I will offer a fast pass over some current technologies

We might look at basic unit of a family is a social network. This is my family and this is part of a wider network. And to their families, friends, children, partners from work. So we have a network. We do a circle, and my friends around. Through my friends of course. They have friends and I might know all this people that I can access these people through friends. So these are friends of friends. Online social networking of course arise on the internet.

So how many of you are users of online social networking ? (facebook, twitter..) What are you doing when you are online?
Do you think it is a kind of addiction?
Let’s continue.
The first viable community that’s the running on the internet was created in 1995. It’s called WELL. Started in the bay area of San Francisco on a bulletin board. They “engineered” the start by charging membership but inviting “interesting” people to join for free. Then, in 1991, the web arrived.

Some ideas of the statics of the people involved. As of 31 March 2008, 1.407 billion people use the Internet according to Internet World Stats. Friends Reunited - launched 2000, sold in 2005 for £120M with 15M users. MySpace started in 2002 - 110 million members. 15 million people use to build their family tree. Other SNS include Bebo, Hi5 and FaceParty. We’ll mention about facebook but first we’ll watch a video. Yes, continue. Facebook originally started so that US college graduates could speak and keep in touch. And currently has 70 billion users. This is twitter. Twitter is a microblogging site. Messages (tweets) limited to 140 characters. Can be sent from mobile devices. Delivered in real time. Can be distributed to other...
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