Social Networking

Topics: Social network service, Internet, MySpace Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Nowadays, everyone knows at least a social network, and almost everyone has at least an account on one of the most famous social networks: Facebook, twitter, myspace, etc. Some people have become addicted to these social networks. Social networking is ruling the lives of so many people in the world. Some people spend around 8 hours on these websites. So, social networking is not as good as we think it is.

Some people have become addicted to Facebook, twitter, myspace, or another social network. Addicts that try to abstain from these websites describe that during the disconnection they fell frantic cravings, anxiety and jitters. Those descriptions show us the same characteristics that people addicted to drugs or alcohol have. These sites ruin the body and brain by shortening the attention spans, weakening the immune systems and possibly fostering autism. Social networking is like a drug for so many people, this is not a good thing for society.

People addicted to social networking spend around 8 hours on that per day. Before this become popular, people had different interests; for this reason, some ones were considered odd. When the internet appeared, the "odd ones" didn't fell like that anymore because they found a lot of people like them; they felt comfortable. People meet another ones with the same interests on the internet; in addition, they spend hours and hours of their lives there. They don't interact face to face with another person; they interact by a computer.

Social networking is ruling the lives of so many persons. As an example, Americans are spending almost a quarter of their online time checking in with friends on social networking sites. With the new technologies such as cellphones or ipods, society can be always online because the mobile internet. Members of the social networks cannot be disconnected for a long time; they need to see what's going on with their friends, many of these are "online friends". Society is depending on social...
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