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This thesis here entitled “Why do College Students post their personal information on the Social Network?” Prepared and submitted by Midn. Mark Dennis C. Palapag in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course English 4 (business correspondent and technical). It has been examined and recommended for acceptance and approval for this subject course. Mrs. Eden Arenas

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There are some people to thank for their part in the completion of this research study. Words cannot express my deepest gratitude for those who generously gave and spent their time and cooperation. First and foremost, i would like to thank my family for their financial support, to my loved one who spent her time in helping and making this research inspite of her busy schedules, to my friends and band mates for their helpful suggestions. Also to our instructor, Mrs. Eden Arenas for helping us out in this research, for her patience and assistance. Without the help of these people for their unwavering support and encouragement, this work had never been completed. And above all, I give praise to Jesus Christ who served as a right and guide in every endeavor, the greatest source of my strength. Because of his everlasting love, the completion of this research paper has been possible. Thank you very much

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Chapter I
Internet is a global connection of computers. it is an effective medium for posting, exchanging, and collecting informations. Nothing is almost impossible to it. Transmission of information from one person to another can happen within just a minute. Through it, people interact through the touch of their fingertips. It is accessible anywhere to anyone. As it evolves and become more advance and accessible, the number of internet users also grows rapidly. Like what Abias and Patungan 2002 said that during mid-nineties, according to a web article from VH1, only five million subscribe to the internet but now, who doesn’t have an email-address ? Millions of people log-in everyday for different purposes and as they continue exploring the internet they became more interested to it. Because things in the internet is always new. The internet have many uses, you can watch your favorite videos, play the latest music, search information, talk, chat to distant friends, and the most popular is that, you can engage in social networking. It only means that people have many reasons to surf the internet. Many people do everything to enjoy using the internet and they do that without knowing their responsibility in surfing the internet. This study will determine the reasons of the internet users for posting their personal information on the internet. Users had the choice not to post their personal information on the internet but still, they choose to post it. It seems that this is an ordinary phenomena, but thinking that most of the user who post personal information on the internet doesn't know the existing consequences that they might encounter in the future, it is alarming. People may put their selves in a situation that they might regret unconsciously in posting their personal information on the internet. Also, irresponsible handling of information can increase the number of cyber crimes. This research will try to gather information that will surely benefit internet users especially those who post their personal data’s in the internet and this will measure their awareness in the possible effects of problems that they might encounter BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

The internet is a great way to keep in contact with people that we love. It is also a great way to share pictures, information about ourselves and to meet new people....
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