Social Network Service and Facebook Account

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Ashley Ontiberos
Amy Becker
Eng103 Composition II
November 17, 2011

The Facebook Addiction

Did you know that approximately one in every thirteen people in the world have a Facebook account, according to In 2010, Facebook was the most-searched term on the internet. With these statistics, I was surprised to learn that there is a disorder known as the Facebook Addiction Disorder or FADS. I didn’t realize Facebook was such a big problem until I began my research. With all the craze of Facebook or social networking, one can’t help but wonder what the ill effects of it really are. Today, In this cause and effect essay I want to inform you about how Facebook can have many negative effects on your job, free time and health.

According to research done by, forty-five percent of employers screen social networks such as Facebook, before considering potential employees. This was research conducted in 2009. I am certain that the numbers have risen because of the number of people who regularly sign up as members of Facebook. When employers screen photos and posts they are looking for any kind or provocative and inappropriate photos. Additionally, bad-mouthing previous employers, poor communications skills is also another thing they look for before considering applicants for an interview or employment. Furthermore, even after a job has been granted, employers can still monitor their employee’s Facebook account. A recent example is of a New Jersey first grade teacher who lost her job over a post on Facebook. On March 28th, the teacher posted a status saying, “I’m not a teacher, I’m a warden for future criminals.” The status was forwarded to her school board and a judge ruled that she should lose her job because this comment was inexcusable. More people have lost their jobs over Facebook usage in recent years because most employers ban the use of Facebook at work. According to, one third of...
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