Social Network (Argument Analysis)

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Social Network
Is social networking a bad thing? Going back in time to about forty years ago, there was no such thing as social networking. Technology has become a major part of society. It has also impacted the youth of this generation. Now social networking is a part of most teenagers’ life, which most times lead into an addiction.

My article is titled, Study Finds Teenagers’ Internet Socializing Isn’t Such a Bad Thing by Tamar Lewin (676). Although it captivates its reader’s attention with the use of logos and ethos, the evidence used in it, and its appeal to the audience, the purpose of this article is not entirely effective. It lacks information (evidence and support), about the main subject, which would answer the question, “How does internet socializing benefit teenagers?”

The use of egos and logos was thorough and well used in this article. For example, in the article, Ms. Ito, a research scientist in the department of informatics at the University of California, Irvine, said that some parental concern about the dangers of Internet socializing might result from a misperception (Lewin 677). This is a good example of logos, and how the author integrates the information of credible sources. The author also integrates the studies of the MacArthur Foundation, which is part of a $50 million project on digital and media learning (Lewin 677). This leads to show that Tamar Lewin put logical and legitimate sources in his article. Tamar Lewin himself seems credible in the article he wrote, hence, he has been writing for the New York Times since 1982, often relating to social policy (Lewin 676). This shows the use of logos because of his background knowledge and previous work that he has written for the New York Times; we can see that he can be accounted for (Lewin 676).

The evidence in Study Finds Teenagers’ Internet Socializing Isn’t Such a Bad Thing is commendable. Case in point, in the article, research scientist Mizuko Ito says, “Those concerns about...
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