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Topics: Facebook, Social media, Social network service Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Social networking is common among many people in society today. Sites such as Twitter, Flickr, MySpace, Instagram, and Facebook are a major part in people daily life. There are around 400 million active worldwide users of the Facebook social site (SIRS).On the contrary, there are about approximately 20,000 people that erase themselves from Facebook. Everyone haves a voiced opinion about social media that are being used around the world today. There could be plenty of reasons why people are for or even against social media sites. Joe Ross says: “I’m still on Facebook and I’m a heavy twitter user and blogger,” he says “Most of the people I’m friends with are people I wouldn’t know if it weren’t for social Networking”. (SIRS). Nonetheless, Facebook is a dangerous site and people should take precautions when they use a site such as Facebook. Also, teenagers should be at least sixteen before they are able to begin use social networks such as these one. There are many reasons why regulations for social media sites should be enforced because of things such as inappropriate content, misusage, and privacy. There are social media sites that just aren’t appropriate for children and pre-teens of a certain age. As you know, as parent it is your responsibility to follow up and check on the sites that your child uses and login into daily. There are site like facebook that your child may use day to day that have very inappropriate content that isn’t for their age group. Facebook is a site where people are able to post status of what’s going on in their life for that moment, post pictures, and meet hundreds of new people. To some that may not seem so much like a huge problem but, in reality it is.You may not know but there are certain people that are look at your page such as other adults, job, schools, and law enforcement (Gale).That’s why students that attend middle school, high school, and college are begin expelled because of the things that are on posted to their current...
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