Social Netwoking Sites and Their Impact

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Social networking sites are playing a vital role now a days. They make people to know about what is happening around.

*Using the social networks we are able to connect people miles apart. Consider the president is on Facebook, which help us to share our view with him which has not been possible before.

*These social networks help us to socialize, share our ideas, develop the vocabulary. Even it is helping the business world by promoting and advertising the new ideas of young and adult.

*Only with the help of these social network a one single tweet we found where the terrorist OSAMA BINLADEN hidden.

*The only aim of these social network is to make the world more open and connected, the only thing is to use it in a right way.

*The only disadvantage is we are interested to talk with people who are miles apart and forgetting the one who are a centimeter away from us.

*With the sites the people who cannot express their views by words or in front of people are coming forward to share their views and ideas by writing.

*At last I conclude "SOCIAL MEDIA SHOULD IMPROVE YOUR LIFE, NOT BECOME YOUR LIFE!".| Rate this:   +23   -5|

Shamna said: (Thu, Jan 10, 2013 08:24:56 PM)   |  |
 | |
In my view social networking sites like orkut, Facebook are so useful and the problem is with the new generation, who actually missuses the use of social networking sites.

So dear friends use such sites in a good way.|
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Satar said: (Mon, Jan 7, 2013 12:37:09 AM)   |  |
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In my point of view that it has good way and bad way if we use it for good way so really we can get success in every thing for example if we have problem in our study so we can share our mind with our friends or teacher it has a lot of benefits in fact we are improving our wisdom.| Rate this:   +3   -4|

Dhrizi said: (Mon, Dec 31, 2012 12:12:57 AM)   |  |
 | |
Hi Guys.

Social Networking Sites is very useful for youth. It is little bit good or bad. But likes good way it is an interesting thing like chat with friends, family members who lives in other states, country, city. Also many disadvantages of S.N.S. Likes hacking password, enemy stole his/her enemy password and frustration him /her.

The many peoples see our profile picture and hacking it.

It is nice and interesting but in LIMITATION use.|
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Ayesha said: (Wed, Dec 26, 2012 07:44:48 PM)   |  |
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In my view social networking sites are useful in both ways either in good way or in bad one, if we look at it good side social networking sites are useful to connect with our friends, family, and with many other people, here we can share our views and its also a kind of marketing site in business world, while looking towards it bad or disadvantages side it can also be taken in positive sense such as if we take an example of Facebook their if we go on chatting with unknown persons who tries to hurt our feelings by that we can even understand more about human physiology, and make our-self strong enough to face such situations in future.

Hence every thing using in limit is good but if exceed that limit then the problem may occur such as more usage of social networking sites are harmful in our health point of view and wasting of time.| Rate this:   +11   -0|

Mahesh Chimmiri said: (Mon, Dec 24, 2012 02:09:29 AM)   |  |  | |
Now a days we are seeing so many social networking sites like facebook, orkut, twitter, lakedin etc in this internet world. These social networks has played a vital role in our life. By using these websites we have some advantages and disadvantages also.

Coming to the advantages,

I) People can share their ideas and view with each other.

II) Crate and maintain many relationships.

III) Information comes to you.

IV) Easy to communicate and connect with others at low price.

V) Low cost advertising, we can advertise the products at low price in this...
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