Social Media's Influence on Society

Topics: Sanskrit words and phrases, Hinduism, Mantra Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Nitya puja

Nitya Puja is the devotee's blessed meeting with Bhagwan. Puja is one of the most important rituals of our day. Just as important is how we do puja. So friends, to help you do puja with proper devotion, below is a list of points we should bear in mind. Important Points During Puja

1. To awaken at about 6 a.m. and have a shower.

2. Keep a separate set of clothes for puja: (a) a dhotiyu or lengo (b) a gatariyu or jhabho  
3. Sit facing north or east. These are both auspicious directions.  
4. Do tilak of sandalwood paste and red chandlo of kumkum on the forehead; use only sandalwood paste for tilak-chandlo on the chest and upper arms. (Girls should do chandlo on the forehead only)  

5. Preferably sit in padmasan or a simple cross-legged posture. Close eyes and meditate on Bhagwan and Guru.  
6. Arrange murtis in their proper positions and chant the aahwan (welcoming) shlok, "Uttish-stho-tishtha Nath....  
7. Do 11 malas while doing darshan of the murtis and remembering God.  
8. Then stand up on one leg, raise both arms above and do one mala.  
9. Then do 11 pradakshinas - walking clockwise around the murtis.  
10. Then do 5 dandvats and 1 extra to ask for forgiveness if we have accidentally hurt somebody.  
11. Then sit down and offer thal in mansi. This means to picture in our mind and offer our favorite foods mentally.  
12. Then pray for our success in studies, for a family member who may be ill, for increasing our devotion, and for peace in our home, country and the world.  
13. Do pranams to the murtis . Speak the farewell mantra requesting Maharaj and Swamishri to bless us again tomorrow. Place the murtis together.  
14. Read 5 shloks from the Shikshapatri. Then put the puja in its proper place.  
15. Do darshan of Thakorji in your ghar mandir. Then do...
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