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Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Customer service Pages: 11 (3433 words) Published: March 8, 2011
Social Media Tools in E-Commerce
The purpose of this paper is to explain how several social media tools are used and how to use certain tools in specific situations. This paper will also analyze ethical issues involved in social media and how to address them. Social media ethical issues include security, credibility, privacy, and reputation. This paper talks about security concerns such as identity theft are a major concern. This paper also talks about security issues in E-commerce. This paper talks about different business plans including financial plans, marketing plans, competitor analysis and executive summaries. This paper also includes the business plan in detail and explains how it operates. Creating a business plan includes creating a marketing plan because without first looking at a business from the customer’s perspective a business will never reach it's goals. Social Media Tools in E-Commerce

Team B’s Communication Consultants presentation on using communication methods to increase team efficiencies was an overwhelming success. The executive expressed an interest in understanding how social media tools may be used to distribute messages to his consumers and clients. In this paper Team B will discuss several social media tools and how to use certain tools in specific situations. The team will also analyze ethical issues involved in social media and how to address them. Social media ethical issues include security, credibility, privacy, and reputation. In addition, the executive has requested Team B help him launch a new e-commerce unit with a customized business plan. Team B will describe the components of a business plan including the following: Executive Summary, Business Description, Operations Plan, Financial Plan, Marketing Plan, and Competitor Analysis. In addition, Team B will develop a customized business plan for the launch of the new e-commerce unit. Social Media Tools

“Social media refers to the online platforms and tools that people use to share opinions and experiences including photos, videos, music, insights, and perceptions with each other” (Turban et al., 2008, p. 810). Social media tools are used by companies as a means to reach its customers, distribute messages, and build or maintain reputation. A common thread found in all definitions of social media is a blend of technology and social interaction. Social media have become a new tool for effective business marketing and sales particularly in e-commerce. Social media tools do more than just provide data; the tools interact with potential customers while providing information. Blogs, social news, and social networking are each a form of social media. Online sources of data do not go home at the end of the day and information is posted in real-time all the time. Social media has no deadlines, no space restrictions, and no rules. A regularly updated blog is a quick and inexpensive method to build a company’s brand, improve customer loyalty, and gain insights into repeat customers. “Social media news sites allow users to post links to news articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts, and other web content” (Roggio, 2009, p. 3). A blog can send untold numbers of potential customers to an e-commerce store. Monitoring social media will help the business gain a broader understanding of its customer base. Listen to what is being shared and respond to it promptly and accurately. People love movies! Create a video that correlates to the company’s product or service and post it on You Tube. The Lisa Marie Dias Designs (n.d.) website outlines three strategies that should be considered when determining the best social media tools to use in specific situations. First, an organization must establish its goals. Without a solid goal, it is difficult to even begin the process of selecting an appropriate tool. A goal as simple as directing people to a company’s website will dictate the type of social media to...
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