Social Media Thesis

Topics: Social media, User-generated content, Education Pages: 2 (341 words) Published: July 22, 2012
Social Media Craze
(The impact of social media to Informatics Manila Students)
Chapter 1

I. Background Of The Study

Nowadays, the internet has been the most influential tool in staying connected with your family and friends since it is globally used. Online chatting, video sharing, photo sharing are the different trends that passed on for years, and now comes social media. The newest innovation that makes users communicate through interactive dialogue among organizations, communities and individuals. It is the exchange of user-generated content. The developers of different social media made their websites more user-friendly, so that different users from almost all ages will not be having difficulties in navigating these social media websites. The proponent is a student who also uses social media by means of connecting with friends and family. The proponent wants to thoroughly study the impact of social media among the students of the said campus, Informatics College Manila.

II. Statement Of The Problem

1. What is the impact of social media to the studies of Informatics Manila Students? 2. Why do Informatics Manila Students uses social media?
3. What is the influence of social media in the daily lives among Informatics Manila Students? 4. What is the impact of social media in communications of Informatics Manila Students? 5.

III. Significance Of The Study

1. Informatics Manila Students – The main target of the study, for the students to be aware of the impact of social media to them 2. Parents – This study will be beneficiary to parents of the students, for them to be aware of the impacts of social media usage. 3. Informatics College Manila – The study will also be beneficial to the educational institution for the awareness on the impact of social media usage. 4. Future Researchers – They will benefit from the study through the information they could gather.

IV. Scope And Limitation

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