Social Media: the Newest Addiction

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Social Media: The Newest Addiction

Social media has always been considered a strange concept in my opinion. There has been many social websites that have all had their various members, but one thing remains true in all of them and that is the fact that everyone becomes slightly addicted to them at some point. Someone may argue that the social media websites make us grow closer to people we don’t get a chance to and helps us connect to each other as human being, all those reasons are valid and well thought out but I feel that those people do not see the downside to the social media problems. We go onto a website and provide it all of our personal information; our hopes, our dreams, our religion, our significant others, our family, and so much more. Some of this information not even our closest friends would know about us. Why do we give so much of ourselves to this website?

We give everything about ourselves to this website so that someone we barely know can read it and know more about us. We give this in the hopes that some complete stranger will read it and in that way what we said seems important for that brief period. As we delve deeper into this newfound addiction we unavoidably say something that someone else disagrees with or offends. This offence inevitably causes a fight either by computer or sometimes face to face in the real world. We put all our information about the fight online for everyone who is our “friend” to view and enjoy. Although it is a pointless argument that originated from the social media website, we nevertheless log on after the fight is done to continue this cycle, much like an addict who has over dosed would with any drug after he gets out of the hospital. The Facebook’s, the Twitter’s, the MySpace’s are all a fad of society and will be replaced by some new type of social network that will no doubt be just as addicting as the rest.

Social media has become so prevalent in todays culture its hard to connect with anything like we...
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