Social Media Technology

Topics: Social media, Facebook, MySpace Pages: 4 (1276 words) Published: December 17, 2011
Social media technology is one of the most popular and widely used technologies today. This technology is frequently used by consumers of different demographics as well as by businesses, government agencies and non-profits. Social media has drawn criticism by some as there have been widely publicized stories detailing the damaging effects of this technology. On the contrary, this has also provided much good in the world and has given people a way to communicate that is easier and more convenient than making a phone call.

What is social media technology? Social media technology can be explained as any group of people using media (a communication tool) to begin, enhance, or actively seek a specific medium that will enhance communication with the use of web and mobile technology (Covert, 2011). Five years ago, the answer to the question: who uses social media, would have resulted in a response that included a specific demographic that revolved primarily around age. Now social media technology has more accounts than people on the earth. According to Shelley Portet “The market analysis reports that there were more than 10 billion social-networking and online-world accounts in 2010 and that nearly 4.5 billion of these are active”. For many people today, social media is no longer part of life; instead it is a way of life. In order to remain current with the communication trends today, being a member of a mainstream site like Facebook is imperative. This membership can result in reacquainting oneself with an old friend, an ex or this technology can be used to meet new people. Obviously this can lead to negative consequences, but for every negative there is a positive. In my opinion, what may seem as a beneficial means to some will ultimately be deemed by another as a destructive tool that will lead to the demise of many. As the author, I subjectively analyzed social media and came to the following conclusions in terms of benefits of and drawbacks to this...
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