Social Media Strategy - Retail Boutique

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The Plaid Door – Social Media strategy

Goals :
- Awareness
- Generate new leads, which will in turn result in paying customers. So your social media strategy will be centered around targeting new prospects and drive them to your website and to the Plaid Door boutique. This would include some very targeted campaigns. - Customer service / Interaction. You want to use Social Media to be able to communicate with your customers much better and to be able to dynamically interact with them on a daily basis in order to really build those relationships. Your strategy here then would be much more about manning your page, instant responses to questions & queries.

Target audience :
* Mostly women
* Aged between 20 and 55

Social-Media sites : Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest

Social Media Site #1: Facebook 

Facebook was created in 2003, and since then it has grown into the largest site for peer-to-peer connection and communication. A Facebook page allows organizations to garner fans and post updates. It also allows for solid feedback, as fans can "like" certain posts or they can comment on them in opposition. Organizations can even arrange to have to have their name as part of the Facebook page URL for easy access and recognition. Many nonprofit groups have seen success through hosting contests and posting special information on their pages. Recommendations :

1. Add Like Box on your website. Like Box is a social plug-in which you add on your website so your visitors are able to like your page directly from your website. They just need to be logged in. Your visitors most likely will like your fan page since they also can stay updated liking your fan page. This is great way to promote your Facebook fan page.

2. Post/tweet about your new Facebook page. You should inform your readers or twitter followers about your new Facebook page. Make post or update about it and tell them why they should join.

3. Reward your fans or make a contest. You can reward your fans if they help you promote Facebook fan page. Also you can make a contest and reward those who referred your page to most people. As a reward you can offer some coupons or rebates on « private shopping night » You can run “fans only” contests, so more people tend to join and like your page.

4. Use Facebook ads. You can spend some money to advertise your page using Facebook advertising marketing tool. Create multiple adverts to help build an audience for your Page. Use the targeting options to show your adverts to only the people you want reach. See which versions of your adverts work best

5. Influence the friends of your fans. Encourage check-ins, participation in events or create an offer to encourage more activity on your Page. When people interact with the content on your Page, their friends are eligible to see the activity. When people do things such as like, comment or check-in to your Page, you can promote those activities to their friends.

6. Connect Twitter and Facebook. You can connect those two social medias using so whatever you post on Twitter should be posted on Facebook page and vice versa.

7. Hold a weekly event. Pick one day or one hour every week and pick one activity to do repeatedly every week, for example a tutorial on how to refashion clothes. Start promoting your event every week to your friends / fans, build up to it on the wall, create a facebook event about it and invite all your friends. Just start slowly and gradually more and more people will hear about it and begin to attend your weekly event.

8. Hold a caption contest. For example on refashioned clothes.

9. Use Facebook’s Questions feature to poll your fans for their opinions.

10. Always respond to likes / comments / shares etc. Your appreciation will encourage engagement.

11. Post photos. Images are one of the biggest activities online. For example you can post photos of some new...
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