Social Media Problems

Topics: Social media, Twitter, Facebook Pages: 3 (1232 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Social media has become the ultimate way of communication for our generation. It allows us to connect with one another no matter where we are or what time zone we live in. It has been a great tool for meeting people and also maintaining those relationships, even without having to see them face to face. Social media helps us share memories and also helps us create them. We are able to share thoughts and ideas and post pictures of our everyday lives for everyone to see. Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have been the new way of connecting with others. People use these sites for many different ways to connect with the world: Creating events, updating statuses, advertisement, and more. It seems that everyone these days either has a Facebook or Twitter account, or in most cases, both. People use these accounts on a regular basis as part of their daily routines. Social media has many positive aspects but it also comes with many negatives. Our generation has become attached to the internet and to knowing everything about the lives of our peers. While we want to know about others, we also want everyone read about us. It seems to have become a game of who can disclose as much information about themselves. This can be a problem because it leaves people to be vulnerable and exposed to the rest of the cyber world. Although social media can be a great tool for connecting and communicating with others, it can also lead people to have a false confidence and reliant on the acceptance of others.(267)

When logging onto social media sites, we are instantly bombarded with information about our peers. People have become obsessed with posting about themselves and having their every move known to others. Shae Bennet states in her article "The Psychology of Social Networking" that "In each and every minute, we generate some 694,980 Facebook status updates and write 532,080 tweets. And 80 percent of those posts are about our favorite person – ourselves"(n.p.). Anything...
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