Social Media Marketing Proposal

Topics: Social media, Facebook, Social network service Pages: 4 (1399 words) Published: March 22, 2011
This is a proposal for beginning Social Media Marketing at Arthur Hall Insurance. “Social Media Marketing is building your social network fans, followers, and connections using relevant and interesting content that is shared, allowing you to reach and engage more people and drive more business.” The three largest social networks, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, are generating a lot of hype in the Marketing world as new ways of reaching and communicating with clients, prospects and anyone else Arthur Hall Insurance employees come in contact with. While this might sound a lot like our goal of Email Marketing through Constant Contact, Social Media Marketing is not a replacement for email but a complement of Email Marketing. With the explosion of social networks, the number of ways Arthur Hall Insurance can meaningfully interact with clients is growing exponentially. Clients who use social media networks expect companies like us to have a presence and be active in the same networks. And each method – Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, updated and user-friendly websites – feeds the others. Since recent implementation of Constant Contact, Arthur Hall Insurance is already interacting with clients via email. However, we can leverage our existing content to interact with clients in social networks and beyond. Just as we can use our outgoing emails as a way to advertise our social network accounts, we can use social media to add subscribers to our email contact list through website links and a Join Our Mailing List signup box. More good news is that most social media services are easy to use and don’t require a lot of Web savvy. If you can build a high quality newsletter, you should have no trouble getting around social media networks and blogging platforms. Social media will go hand-in-hand with Email Marketing when it comes to our Marketing strategy. Today’s clients and prospects want to be part of a conversation with the people and organizations they...
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