Social Media Marketing

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It’s no secret that success in business is about relationships – with customers, prospects, partners, employees and investors. An emotional connection with these audiences breeds loyalty and tolerance, creating an environment in which an organization can rise above obstacles and thrive.

This is one of the reasons why social media has such a profound and positive effect on the prospects of a business. It extends the real world relationship building process to an online environment, allowing for scalability and cost efficiencies.

And like traditional avenues of relationship building – such as power lunches, industry events and networking sessions – the sharing of appropriate personal information helps foster connections in social networks.

Intelligence is a key here whereby digital marketing is not about just another opportunity to communicate. It provides the opportunity to be generous, to see marketing as a gift, to reward loyalty and to open up a rich and fruitful dialogue with your consumers. It is businesses in developing an online community, which allows satisfied customers to congregate and extol the virtues of a particular products/ services and brands. In most cases, the online community includes mechanisms such as blogs, podcasts, message boards, product reviews and Wikipedia, all of which contribute to a transparent forum to post praises criticisms, questions, and suggestions.

New Marketing Media involves the promotion of products/ services and brands using Internet based technologies and mobile interactive devices to reach customers, build engagements, measure and provide feedback/results.

It is most effectively marketed by Internet-driven technology such as blogs, RSS, Web video productions, podcasts and social networking platforms.

The following is the advantages and disadvantage of NMM
Advantage| Disadvantage|
Became more effective than traditional advertising growing trends of consumers making purchasing decisions based on Internet research and referrals.| While consumers respond well to personalized communications, there are emerging concerns over how this personal information is used and where it eventually ends up.| These advocates strongly adhere to the notion that consumers are more inclined to believe feedback from like-minded peers than corporate marketing verbiage dispersed through traditional television, radio, direct mail, or newspaper advertising.| E-mail overload | The ability to be personal, yet solutions providers continue to try to develop techniques to fake the personalization. Marketers have an opportunity like never before to leapfrog their competition by building a personal relationship that builds trust and authority with their clients. That’s not done with substitution strings.| Allowing individuals, or even competitors, to post critical comments, responding with an honest and transparent answer designed around solving the issue at hand may mitigate potential risk.|

Question One:
What Personalization is?
Idea of personalization is to bring market messages close to the interests of immediate activities of readers or viewers. Personalization is concerned with the tailoring of advertising so that it best fits interest of the internet/ web user.

The Internet has made it easier, once an internet user access website and fills in profile or preference information and assent to receipt of information.
The Key To Success In The Online Era
Think about a sensor that catches information of your eye contact with the newspaper articles you have read or surfed and then infers areas of your interest based on the amount of time you spent on each article. The data captured by this sensor gets transmitted to the publisher and the next day, you get a personalized newspaper that delivers articles suiting your taste. This kind of sensor may still be far from development but it’s definitely a...
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