Social Media Industry Analysis

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Global Organization Wireless Telecommunications
1.1 Description of Company
The Global Organization owns and operates the world’s third largest wireless telecommunications company, Global Organization Telecommunications (GOT). GOT provides wireless voice and data services to millions of customers worldwide and ranks third in terms of market share behind AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless. Global Organization purchased GOT in 1993 at which time, the company’s primary business was based in landline telecommunications. Three years later, Global Organization sold the company’s landline division after significant growth in the wireless communications industry. In 1998, GOT purchased Easy Wireless, a small competitor in the wireless telecommunications marketplace. Purchasing Easy Wireless enabled GOT to add a second wireless network focusing on radio communication to the company’s services and to quickly expand the company’s customer base. The purchase of Easy Wireless helped grow the company’s wireless service market from 30 to 50 US states. By 1999, GOT controlled the largest percentage of the global market share in wireless telecommunications through major market share in the United States, Canada, Mexico and India. GOT continued to acquire new customers in Europe and Asia through the company’s specialized offering of two separate wireless networks, which allowed for a widely diversified product offering. 1.2 Business Process Modeling

GOT is organized around a hierarchical management structure with each level of staff reporting to a central manager. The central managers report to division heads within each management level of GOT. All GOT division heads report to the GOT chief executive officer who is managed by the GO chief executive officer and board of directors. The current culture is corporate with a strong emphasis on meeting sales goals and providing excellent customer service. Weekly sales meetings are held within each division of GOT. Sales goals for the week are outlined and current customer service satisfaction numbers are reviewed. 1.3 Nature of Engagement

In 2003 GOT lost the first place ranking in market share to Verizon Wireless and in 2008 AT&T Mobility moved ahead of both companies to claim the highest market share in global wireless telecommunications, which they continue to maintain. GOT lost major market share due to a lack of investment in marketing, specifically social media marketing. Verizon and AT&T Mobility have well trained Public Relations departments dedicated to finding innovative social media marketing campaigns to attract new customers. GOT wishes to regain a significant amount of market share in the global telecommunications marketplace. The company is currently in third place with a narrow margin between itself and the company ranked fourth, T Mobile. The company’s market share continues to decline due to the fierce competition between Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility. Social media has become a major marketing issue for all technology business and is a driving force for sales in the wireless telecommunications industry. GOT has hired Group 5 Consulting to create and implement a successful social media marketing program. 1.4 Proposed Solution

Group 5 Consulting proposes building a new form of social media network around the GOT brand by creating the company’s own social media website. This new social media website will encompass all of the features available on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The GOT social media website will dramatically increase the company’s presence in the online marketplace. Sales revenue and the number of new subscribers will increase as GOT enters the online social marketplace due to the increased exposure to younger markets and high value subscribers. This will increase the company’s sales revenue while decreasing capital expenditure on traditional advertising and improving customer service levels. Group 5 Consulting...
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