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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Internet usage in South Africa
In 2008, South Africa experienced a boom in internet usage with an increase of almost 14%, with previous years showing results of a mere 7% internet penetration, describing a 1:13 ratio between internet users and population(The Guardian, 2010) (Internet World Stats,2012).Between 2008 and 2009, South Africa saw an increase of 15% of internet penetration, from 4,6 million users, to its current state. According to Arthur Gold (MD: World Wide Worx), this figure was expected to increase to well over 6 million by the end of 2010(The Guardian, 2010).Although more than 5 million users have internet access in South Africa, this major African economic giant enjoys only 10% internet penetration (The Guardian, 2010). By December 2012, an estimated 8,5 million people will have access to the internet(Internet World Stats,2012). Social Media

Social media is the various online tools available, which enable user to communicate and share resources (, 2013). Due to consumer demand and the popularisation of social media, South African online advertising grew by 32% in 2008(The Guardian, 2010). However, not everyone will continue to stay. Although, incentives such as competitions will create hype, many will deviate from the intended retention. The idea is to make content relevant to its community. About 15% of social media users prefer e-mail as a way of communication. This also brings an advantage of bypassing the firewalls of corporates. It is also important to recognise achievements of members within the community. This will create an influence if the content is strategic. Feedbacks from these communities are invaluable. Collectively, a large portion of knowledge and influence with regard to a product/service can be detected within the community. Online communities relish honesty. By accepting responsibility for mistakes and then rectifying them, a good relationship is built (Cerebra, 2011). Instant Messaging

Instant messaging...
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