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Always connected:
The new digital media habits of young children

Aviva Lucas Gutnick Michael Robb Lori Takeuchi Jennifer Kotler With a Preface by: Lewis Bernstein & Michael H. Levine

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Suggested citation: Gutnick, A. L., Robb, M., Takeuchi, L., & Kotler, J. ( ). Always connected: The new digital media habits of young children. New York: The Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop.


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In a recent report from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center and Stanford University on media multitasking, Claudia Wallis concluded, “New technology sometimes brings change that is so swift and sweeping, that the implications are hard to grasp.” Such is certainly the case with the rapid expansion of media use by children and youth for ever-larger portions of their waking hours. Academics, policymakers, and practitioners show a keen interest in the digital age. And, of course, parents are scrambling to keep up with the preponderance of new gadgets that influences modern household arrangements and communication patterns. A vigorous national dialogue is taking place over the right balance between media consumption, the potential negative impact that inappropriate digital content can have on vulnerable children, and the worry that children are increasingly leading physically inactive lives. These legitimate concerns must be juxtaposed with emerging evidence from the learning sciences and innovative practices showing how well-deployed digital media can promote new skills, raise achievement, and bring children together across time and space.


Since 1999, a series of studies undertaken by academic experts and philanthropies has documented the rise of media multitasking by youth, with most of the studies focused on children ages 8 and up.1 Relatively little research, however, has been done on children during the preschool and middle-childhood periods, which scholars in child development,...
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