Social Media Essay

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Social Media

M.Charles Holly


October 29 2012
Joanne Levin

Social Media

Even though what credibility issues can arise from information found on the internet, advantages and disadvantages of social media because advantages and disadvantages of obtaining information though social media and how might these advantages and disadvantages alter how a person might use social media. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

Some advantages of social media are that it is a unlimited ways of keeping up with what is going on in today culture. For example a person can be living under a rock all there life and stay on the internet and can know what is going on in the world though social media, weather it is the latest music, movies, clothing trend, news etc. Though social media a person can have a best friend that they never even met before. Social networking can provide opportunities for new relationships as well as strengthening existing relationships whether your friends are close to home or across the world. It is good to have positive relationships through various ways that include the internet. Some disadvantages of social media can stem from anything like cyber bulling, child predators, false information about something or someone. Although that internet can be very positive it can also be very negative. For example I remember back in about 2007 in my home town of Baltimore Md. there was a big thing all over the news about a man that was called The Myspace Killer. This man met a woman over a social media network and got the woman to meet him and end up killing her and leaving her on the side of the road. So again I say the social media can also be very dangerous. To all the parents out there please know what your kids are doing or into when they are on the internet.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Obtaining Information
Some advantages of easily obtaining information on the internet is that,...
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