Social Media Critique

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  • Published : October 27, 2012
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As I’m lying down on the couch, sipping coffee and watching television, my sister enters the living room interrupting,” turn off the lame T.V. and check your Facebook account”. With a grand smile on her face, she asked me to check the latest photos updated by my brother; they were beautiful photos and videos of my niece and nephew growing up in USA. I looked at my sister, turned off the television and said,” well, I can’t see those sweethearts on T.V.” Social media nowadays is receiving a lot of attention, some think it’s a way of freedom of speech, others assume it’s negative and time wasting. The issue of social media is controversial. It’s being overused at certain times that it’s becoming shameful, violent, and it’s creating chaos and depriving people of their privacy, but media is an essential tool, for it spreads reasonable messages, raises awareness, and allows people to share thoughts on a high level. Media can be very beneficial when it’s not misused.

Social media has become an issue that we cannot escape. People often argue about the benefits and the disadvantages of media. The opinions differ, for example Zahi Sahli criticizes the content broadcasted by media nowadays such as songs with violent and offensive lyrics in his article “sexist lyrics spark anger, in Lebanon, raising concerns”. Also, Lea Cadwell in the article “ Sukleen: hiding behind a glamorous façade”, mentions that the new campaign for Sukleen is ironic because of the low-wage workers carrying garbage alongside images of high-class models doing likewise. On the other hand, Clay Duda in the article “4 arguments to sell social media to your boss” argues that social networking is a great way to set a target audience and to post product information as if the product or the company itself is becoming friends with their audience and clients. Finally, Todd Gitlin mentions that time has changed, and that what seemed possible in 1660 is vaster nowadays, in his article ”super saturation, or, the...