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Growing up as a young girl, I’ve been known to most people especially my family to be very adept in most of the things I engage myself in. In school, I’m good at science, it’s something I find very comprehensive; that’s why I chose the Health related field as a major because I’m well assured it won’t change. As time went by, being a very curious person, especially about the things that I’ll benefit from, this curiosity grew strong in my first year in high school in which I was still in Nigeria. I made enquires, did some research and I learned more about SUNY colleges. Due to the research and enquiries I made, I got really attached and in the long run, I learned that most SUNY colleges were great schools for my intended major in college. My main point is that if the campus I’m applying to had only one space left in the freshman class, that space should be offered to me because with no doubt, I would be a perfect example of the school when I finally graduate. Unlike some people who want to go to college for some unbeneficial reasons, I have not and with the perfect understanding of my personality, I would never engage myself in any violent situation that would leave me a bad reputation. Most importantly, the knowledge I have and would still gain in that school must and will be applied to influence people, the country and I in positive ways. Though, I’m very abstruse, but the truth is I’m a very ambitious person with great intentions and getting into the school would be a very big subject of nonstop adulation. Being admitted into the school would pressure me to take action on my dreams because I wouldn’t want to misuse my opportunity of becoming a successful person with a great career. I believe in actions and not words; People can always say something but they cannot always prove what they say and as I’ve said, I believe the school will help me accomplish my ambitious dreams. In essence, getting into a SUNY would be a...
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