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What is Social Media?
Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, exchange and comment on contents among themselves in virtual communities and networks. Types of Social Media

Different types of social media include collaborative projects such as Wikipedia, blogs such as Blogger, social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, content communities such as YouTube, and virtual worlds such as Second Life. Social Media and Marketing

Social media gives marketers a voice and a way to communicate with peers, customers and potential consumers. It personalizes the "brand" and helps you to spread your message in a relaxed and conversational way. Coca Cola and Social Media Marketing

Every day, people discuss, debate and embrace The Coca-Cola Company and our brands in thousands of online conversations. We recognize the vital importance of participating in these online conversations and are committed to ensuring that we participate in online social media the right way. These Online Social Media Principles have been developed to help empower our associates to participate in this new frontier of marketing and communications, represent our Company, and share the optimistic and positive spirits of our brands. Strategy:

Coca Cola recently shared their marketing plan with the world, showing that they have truly embraced the collaborative nature of Social Media.  As part of their Social Media strategy, Coke is putting the emphasis back on the consumer. They use dynamic storytelling as part of the content creation process, making it interesting, exciting and purposeful. Goals:

* Develop Social Media as an additional marketing & branding channel (in alignment with existing ‘traditional’ channels) * To be everywhere their consumers are
* Provide a variety of ways for consumers to participate in the program Target Audience:
Coke fans, super fans, and consumers

Tell story of the core brand and allow consumers to carry forward that message. Approach:
Coke has applied what they call the ‘’4R’’ approach to Social Media use: * Review: Monitor and track online conversations about Coke * Respond: Responding quickly and appropriately to comments online, ensure employees tasked to respond are ‘certified’ (trained to respond) * Record: Key measures and indicators of success

Redirect: Directing the social media traffic back to the main Coke website, ensuring there are links on all sites

The vision of the Company to achieve sustainable growth online and offline is guided by certain shared values that we live by as an organization and as individuals: * LEADERSHIP: The courage to shape a better future;

* COLLABORATION: Leveraging our collective genius;
* INTEGRITY: Being real;
* ACCOUNTABILITY: Recognizing that if it is to be, it's up to me; * PASSION: Showing commitment in heart and mind;
* DIVERSITY: Being as inclusive as our brands; and
* QUALITY: Ensuring what we do, we do well.

These Online Social Media Principles are intended to outline how these values should be demonstrated in the online social media space and to guide your participation in this area, both when you are participating personally, as well as when you are acting on behalf of the Company. It is critical that we always remember who we are (a marketing company) and what our role is in the social media community (to build our brands) . The same rules that apply to our messaging and communications in traditional media still apply in the online social media space; simply because the development and implementation of an online social media program can be fast, easy, and inexpensive doesn't mean that different rules apply. The Company encourages all of its associates to explore and engage in social media communities at a level at which they feel comfortable. Have fun, but be smart. The best advice is to approach online worlds in the same way...
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