Social Media as Marketing Instrument

Topics: Facebook, Social network service, Spearman's rank correlation coefficient Pages: 22 (5919 words) Published: June 23, 2012
Title of dissertation:
Social Media as Marketing Instrument
In Module
Quantitative Business Research Methods

Lectured by
Prof. Dr. Josef Neuert


Cenk Yildirim

Table of Contents

2. Overview of Social network4
2.2Types of Social Network4
2.3 Social Network as a Marketing tool6
3.Previous Research7
5.Research Design9
5.1 Nominal and ordinal scaled questions9
5.2 Demographic Data10
5.3 Method of Data Collection10
5.4 Research Target Groups10
5.5 Response Rate10
5.6 Advantages and Disadvantages11
6.Results of the Survey12
6.1 Demographic Data12
6.2 Other Questions17
7.Hypothesis Testing29
7.1 Hypothesis 129
7.2 Hypothesis 234
7.3 Hypothesis 338

The importance of social networks has risen unstoppably during the last ten years. The most important social media websites have millions of users all over the world. Twitter has become the main source for press to follow on the lives and ideas of famous people and also the people who are trying to be famous. MySpace is the most important communication area for the musicians and their fans. The musicians sometimes upload their songs even before they are sold in the market, in order to see the reactions and the critics of their fans. Starting in 2004 in Harvard University, Facebook has today more than 845 million users, which makes it the most important social network. With its population, it would be the third biggest country in the world. Millions of people put too much importance on Facebook that they open it every day and spend hours checking what their friends or other people are up to. But Facebook is not used only to keep in touch with friends anymore. Many firms are demanding to be able to view profiles in Facebook of their potential employees in order to have better knowledge of their personalities and interests. With huge amounts of potential customers to reach, Facebook seems very important for marketing as well as customer relations. In order to reach to a conclusion if Facebook is a marketing tool, the students of Fulda University of Applied Sciences made a survey with 348 people in January 2012. By using the data from this survey, statistical approaches and hypotheses, we will help to explain if Facebook is a marketing tool and also try to give a deeper look on the subject. We will start with giving information on the methods of research and the results of similar researches. This will be followed by the results of our research, which will include the description of the statistics for each and every question. Then we will show the results from our hypotheses tests.

* 2. Overview of Social network
2.1 Definition
“Social network sites are web-based services that allow individuals to construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system, articulate a list of other users with whom they share a connection, and view and traverse their list of connections and those made by others within the system. The nature and nomenclature of these connections may vary from site to site”. To sum up the definition, Social networks are Web services, enabling network communities’ interpersonal interactions. Users have the possibility to create their own contents and share them with friends. Nowadays social media is one of the most used communication tools in order to exchange information within groups. People use social media networking in their everyday lives. The use of social network is higher in urban lifestyle, since people don‘t have enough time to meet or even to talk on the phone. Social media helps to bridge this difficulty. Millions of people especially young ones use social media websites to search for their friends online and to communicate, chat and share contents with them. People all over the world, regardless of their geographic locations, are using social media...
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