Social Media and the Impact on Our Children.

Topics: Sociology, Bullying, MySpace Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Luis Sabina
Professor Daweson
English 103
26 April 2013
Social media and the impact on our children.

Face book, Myspace, Twitter and YouTube are no longer safe for us to escape boredom. As we boast about how technology has brought us closer to our friends and loved ones, A new problem has emerged “Cyber Bullying” Los Angeles Times article reads of a15 year old Teen Audrie Pott who was sexually while she was intoxicated at a friends party, the boys took photos as they assaulted her, the photos spread like wild fire. The young girls last post read “my life is over ...The whole school knows” Eight days later the young girl hung herself. This article got me thinking back when I was a teenager our social out let was the local hamburger stand, there was no such things as cellphones or facebook. The computer was basically used for school work, and if bullies harrassed you in school. So basically you waited for the bell to ring and hid behind buildings and tress and made the dash home, and thats it pretty much ended on school. For those who ran into these problems their safe haven was home. Now it seems that social media has brought these bullies home, even walking with us on the way home via our cell phones. Friendships in virtual communities don’t carry the same lasting loyalty and profound connectivity that real-world relationships hold. Statements like those diminish the value that young ones place on their online relationships and in the end miss the importance of social networking in fostering a sense of self-worth and belonging on this On January 19, 2013 Jadin Bell a gay Oregan teen who hung himself on a playground structure. His family is convinced that the youngster was driven to take his own life because he was bullied both in person and on the internet for being gay. Apparently, Jadin had asked his parents to home school him because he was afraid that he would make things worse for himself if he turned in the bullies; officials at his school...
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