Social Media and Communication

Topics: Instant messaging, Mobile phone, E-mail Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: August 22, 2012
Texting is a very common way to communicate with others. People text for many reasons, texting is easier than being on the phone. Another reason for texting to become so common is because people like having the privacy of talking to someone via text message, when they are in public places. Texting also have disadvantages, it is very dangerous to text while driving, texting while driving is often causing a lot of car crashes. People have to be careful with their actions, and chose not to text while driving.

Social Network is very useful for a lot of people. The majority of the teenagers use social network 24/7. Social Networking has become so strong over the past 4 years. Social Networking is used for many different reasons, such as, communications, financial exchange, friendship, advertisements , and etc. A lot of people dislike the idea of having any kind of contact with the social life. The most used social network are Twitter, Facebook, News, and etc. People of all ages use social network, it was not very common for older people to use network but nowadays anything can happen.

Email allow people to communicate with one another. E-mail has become the most widely way of communication within the business world. Back days, people used letters as a way to communicate but now e-mailing has more used because it is a much easier and faster way to communicate with one another.

Emoticons are very common is text messaging, emailing and etc. Emoticon is a representation of the writer's facial expression. Emoticons are formed by combinations of keyboard characters, such as :-) (for a smile). There are many styles of emoticons, each region and/or language use a different kind of style.

"Cyberbulling" is when a child or teen is tormented, humiliated, embarrassed or targeted by another child or teen using the internet or other technologies. Most of the victims don't tell anyone that he/she is being bullied, that's when the problem starts. Many children have tried...
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