Social Media Affection

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Advantage and disadvantages of using
social media in education process:

We have know that how usable the social media for educational purpose. Start from ??? to ??? to implemented social media. When there is benefit, the bad effect is also be there. We know social media have been implemented in many educational instrument like university, higher school, and recent used not just for formal education but informal or nonformal education adobt the social media on their learning process.

Social media include communications outlets that connect sets of people around collective interests and allow for the sharing of ideas and observations. These platforms knit together discrete individuals and enable them to communicate recommendations, reactions, or remedies to others who have signed up at that site. According to researchers, the virtues of social media and mobile devices include “allowing multiple entry points and learning pathways, supporting multi-modality, enabling student improvisation, and supporting the sharing and creation of student artifacts on the move.” Students can interact with one another and take handheld devices into the field for data gathering and hypothesis testing.

social networking sites are now being used by universities as alternative spaces wherein students can adapt to the university lifestyle through interacting online with peers and faculty. Indeed, many universities now maintain profiles and groups on social networking sites such as Facebook, where students and faculty can interact, share resources and express ‘learner voice’. As Mason and Rennie reason, ‘shared community spaces and inter-group communications are a massive part of what excites young people and therefore should contribute to [their] persistence and motivation to learn’.

Amongst students who accessed social media, 44% had logged in regularly (defined as an average of 2-3 times per week), 80% of students surveyed said the main reason that...
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