Social Media Affecting Lives

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  • Published : January 7, 2012
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Social Media Affecting Lives
There is no doubt that social media is expanding drastically in the world, yet this change is not only related to technology and the internet. Social Media is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives. The aim of this document is to summarize some of the important headlines mentioned in the conference that took place in the “American University of Beirut” on Friday, December 16, 2011. The conference went over how social media is changing fields such as education, culture, business, media and journalism, music and art, NGOs, politics, religion, human rights, science, the environment and the personal lives of everyone who is using them. The conference has gathered some remarkable influencers from the Arab Community; it was rich in the speakers and topics discussed. One of the speakers was the British Ambassador to Lebanon, Tom Fletcher, who began his discussion by stating that social media can play a big role in highlighting and challenging human rights abuses. His main points were: 1. Marc Zuckerberg and Steve jobs have impacted people more than did Georges Bush and Osama Bin Laden 2. Social media can be used to get people’s voices heard as they travel must faster online. 3. It can also be used to support the values we believe in versus the forces that oppose those values. This can all be done through social media, and he also discussed that no matter what the boundaries the government put on the internet and tries to manipulate and suppress people, internet always tends to overpass these boundaries. Quote: “if you pull a wall around our internet, we’ll build another internet around your wall”. During Tom Fletcher’s discussion, the number of active participants who were online in the hall was remarkably noticed. Attendees were able to interact with the speaker as well with other attendees through screens showing live twitter feeds. To Tom Fletcher, the number of people playing with their mobile devices was a welcome sign...
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