Social Media

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Definition Paper Outline

Social Media
Title: The relevance of social media

Audience: Those who use social media/ Anyone interested in social media

Purpose: To explain the significant relevance social media has in our everyday life. Pros for social networking outweigh the cons. 

Define it: Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

Thesis: Customary to twenty-first century life, social media is expanding rapidly, and its growing trend has become an integral part of modern society. 

but the consequential dispute is whether social media has refined or ruined our society? 

TS 1: It’s amazing that only a decade ago social media was an undeveloped, budding idea. The best way to define social media is to break it down. Media is an instrument on communication, like a television or a radio. Put this and social together and it means a social instrument of communication. In 2002, Friendster was launched and opened to the public as the first social networking website in the United States. In three months Friendster had over 3 million users. In 2004 Facebook was created as a college version of Friendster. Only a few years later in 2009, Facebook ranked as the most-used social media network with more than 200 million users. 
Words Source/Origins

SD 1: Where it came from

SD 2: What it was invented for 

SD 3: Who uses which kind
- Was aimed for College Students to meet one another
- It has changed tremendously.

-Online Dating
-Everyday people

TS 2: One of the most significant and radical improvements introduced by social media is the way it affected relationships
 SD 1: Social networking creates new social connections
- allows you to interact with far more people than you would otherwise be able to

SD 2: Better quality of life
-support groups on Facebook. Members of these groups discuss their health conditions,
 share important information, and...
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