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Topics: Twitter, Web 2.0, Social media Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: May 12, 2013
We are presently living in an age where a portion of our lives have become a part of the various social networking sites available on the vast world wide web. With the increasing penetration of these networking sites, a new term has also entered our vocabulary – Social Media. Yes, we are living in the age of the Social Media. According to Wikipedia, “Social Media includes web and mobile-based technologies which are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue among organizations, communities, and individuals.” News now travels faster than ever before. Breaking news appears first in the Social Media than in traditional mediums like TV and newspapers. The most famous Social Media platforms now are Facebook and Twitter. The reach of the Social Media has also been increasing manifold over the years. And, interestingly, Social Media has now overtaken pornography as the No. 1 activity on the web!!

Many a breaking news, like the attack on Bin Laden’s house in Abottabad and the death of Michael Jackson, were reported first in Twitter. Almost all the news providers are now present in the online Social Media platforms, providing us news even before they air or print it. The Social Media has also played a great role in organizing revolutions in a few nations. The power of the Social Media allowed people to overthrow dictatorial governments from countries like Tunisia and Egypt. Thus, advent of the Social Media has been a boon for many.

But, boon also carries with it a bane. The same is also applicable in the case of the Social Media. Social Media has been spreading some falsified and fabricated news and information also. This has led to many a conflicts and untoward incidents. It has led to spread of hatred and mistrust among people. Recently, we have witnessed the unhappy incidents of clashes in our state which has led to deaths and displacements of people. As the situation was returning to normal and violence was subsiding, suddenly came some outbursts in...
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