Social Media

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Social Media
Carole Mari` Chivers
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Week 4 Assignment Media and American Culture Susan (Sueki) Woodward

Social Media
“Mass Media specifically refers to a means of communication that is displayed to reach a wide audience” (J. Lule, Exploring media and culture, 2012, p. 21). “Media Convergence is the process by which previously distinct technologies come to share tasks and resources” (J. Lule, Exploring media and culture, 2012, p. 49). What are social networking sites used for? is a social network that individuals use to search and “easily find friends and stay connected with friends, family, loved ones, and colleagues” ( is a free site users can join that allows them to be a member of a friendly and active community, make friends quickly, and browse through the profiles of other members. is currently “the 3rd largest social network in the U.S., and has over 80 million members worldwide.” Tagged members use it to stay connected with friends and if they want they can even make new friends. What are the advantages and disadvantages of social media?

With all the advantages there also disadvantages with the social media buzz that has grown in recent years. First the advantages that should be remembered include staying connected with friends and family who you don’t normally see on a day to day basis. Reconnecting with friends from your past, making new friends who share the same interests as you, promoting your business or yourself for a job position you are wanting. There are many advantages to social media and millions of people are discovering it every day. With every positive there has to be a negative in order to create balance in the world, this includes the World Wide Web. There is a lack of privacy when an individual joins a social network. Although each site has a privacy...
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