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Information Management (PGBS 0120)

Title: Social Media

Due Date: 6th December 2012, 3pm

Executive Summary
Nowadays, in this rapid technology developed society, the social media is growing mature. Social media is a channel that provides direct access information throughout the world, it giving businesses and individual an opportunity to share their thought, products and services and news with other people. As there is a trend of switching demand from traditional media tools to social media, marketers realised that social media is an important marketing tools for their business.

This report evaluates the extent of social media that has taken place in the market which would affect most of the organisations. Within this report, it will define the social media term and discuss the aspects of social media in relation to professional business information systems. On the other hand, the critical analysis include the benefit and importance of utilise social media to an organisation, which found that social media is an important marketing tools to most of the organisations, especially it improving the business information system. Moreover, reports discussed the ways of social media promoting an organisation also consider about knowledge management practices in the organisation. Lastly, this report also identifies the risks and opportunities of using social media with examples to support those points. After that, some recommendations are given to practicing social media in an organisation.

Table of Contents
Introduction 2 1.0 Question 1 5
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Body
2.3.1 Definition of Social Media
2.3.2 Definition of Business Information System
2.3.3 Aspects of Social Media
2.3 Interim Conclusion

2.0 Question 27
3.4 Introduction
3.5 Body
3.6.4 Benefits of Social Media to organisations
3.6.5 Social Media is an Integral Part of Business Information System 3.6.6 Structured and Unstructured Information of Social Media 3.6.7 Future of Social Media
3.6 Interim Conclusion

3.0 Question 3 11
4.7 Introduction
4.8 Body
4.9.8 Social Media as Promotion Tools
4.9.9 Support Knowledge Management Practices in the Organisation 4.9 Interim Conclusion

4.0 Question 4 15
5.10 Introduction
5.11 Body
5.12.10 Opportunities of Social Media
5.12.11 Examples of Organisation Successful Using Social Media Toyota Best Buy
5.12.12 Risks of Social Media
5.12.13 Examples of Organisation Failure Using Social Media General Motor Wal-Mart
5.12 Interim Conclusion

Conclusion 19

Recommendations 20

Reference Lists 21

Appendices 24


The aim of this report is to explain the importance of practising social media within an organisation operation by comparing the remaining utilising traditional information tools. Within the content of the report, it had indicated the roles of social media and discussed social media is an importance information source for the business information system. Furthermore, reports demonstrate benefits of social media and indicate the future of having social media. Report also cover some technique that organisation can utilise to promote the products and services of the organisation, and discuss how knowledge management will be practising within the organisation. Finally, there are some examples are given as a forecast the future of practising social media in an organisation operation....
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