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Topics: Marketing, Small business, Customer service Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: February 4, 2013
How is the role of social media to support the small business growth in term of their customer relationship management?

Nowadays, Social Medias become more important not just in the people’s personal life, but also one of the key factors for many small and midsize businesses to be success. Many businesses are now aiming at social media market since it becomes a strong tool to help businesses grow. The best way to start in this market is to understand what social media is. Social Media is not like traditional marketing or advertising for businesses. It is the platform for people to share their thoughts, create ideas and exchange information through virtual communities and networks. Meanwhile, it is a good way for the businesses to contribute their thoughts and ideas on products and topics and it is also a great place to access the latest news and information. Most importantly, it can reach out to customers directly and get to know their feedbacks frequently. Using social media, the businesses could define their products and services; get to know what kinds of social network are helpful and what types of people are related to their businesses.

Small businesses tend to start out with very little business because they are new and there are no customers that know of them. These businesses usually have customers that are family, friends, and other connections. With the use of social media, businesses are able to advertise themselves towards the new potential customers and at a less cost. Through online social media such as forums, Facebook, Twitter, and many others; the business will become better known. Also using social media to promote their events and promotions, small businesses will be able to attract new or existing customers to their business. Small businesses can also use the social media to continue giving their customers updates about the business. This will allow the business to continue to keep their customers....
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