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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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The development of social media becomes more frequent in various parts of the world. It makes the field of public relations experience changes both in the field of theory and practice. The changes are not directly caused by the presence of social media, but social media offers many opportunities for public relations practitioners to interact with the public through the adaptation of technology and integrate it into their daily activities (Curtis, 2010) Social media is defined as the democratization of content and a shift in the role that made humans in the process of reading and disseminating information. Social media covers a variety of things that use internet to facilitate conversation (Solis, 2009). Social media is considered as the creation of the foundation that connects people, provide opportunities to produce and share content with others, extract and process the knowledge to the society and share it again. Some popular social media are Faceboook, Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Foursquare, YouTube and Others (Lewis, 2010). Social media has a significant difference compared to the traditional media such as television, radio, and newspapers. If the media rely on drama for the festive audience, organizations tend to adopt strategies to reduce potential public relations became the focus of drama and more using persuasive communication as a way to better control the public debate on the issue of sustainability. Further, Allan (BBB)also stated that social media requires no issues to raise ratings, focus on the editor or media leaders who are able to embrace stakeholders, and gain revenue from advertising (Allan, BBBB). This description illustrates that with their characteristics, which involve two-way communication between companies and stakeholders, social media can provide an opportunity for public relations to interact with a wider public through a more personal approach. Research on the impact of new media on public relations has been conducted...
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