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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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How does media influence the beauty & appearance of teenagers?

How does media influence teenage girls and their self image? Girls are constantly being told what and what not to do to fit in. Always worried about their self image and what people think of them. Girls feel self conscience about themselves so some even turn to drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes is “cool”. I believe this is an important topic because people are letting the media change their life instead of loving who they are. Sociologists look at this topic and blame TV and Magazines for letting girls feel the way they do. Social media constructs what they believe “beauty” should look like. Theories that go along with this topic are girls who are becoming bulimic to try and fit in. Another would be girls who rely on information such as magazines to tell them what to wear. When conducting this research, I believe it is important to get live people’s opinions. I will use both exploratory and explanatory methods throughout this process. For my exploratory, I will explore behavior of girls. I will sit in on a high school lunch and also at the mall to take notes on how girls look or try to look with their appearance. I will also go to a local high school, pick ten random girls and sit down with them. During this interview, I will ask them multiple questions that will help me become closer to my conclusion of why girls feel this way. For the explanatory part of my research, I will pass out a survey to girls and boys in high school. The survey for the girls will ask them questions about what they wish they could look like. I would pick 10 boys and ask them what they wish their perfect girl looked like. I want to put a stop to people suffering by trying to be someone who they aren’t.

My research topic is on how social media, such as magazines, influence teenage girls’ beauty and their self esteem. Magazines influence society in many ways. This can be anywhere from super models who make girls feel self conscience about themselves to drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes is “cool”. I believe this is an important topic because people are letting the media change their life instead of loving who they are. Sociologists believe it is important to study teenage girl’s behavior because they are the ones who will control our future, along with the men. If a girl is not confident in herself, she will not get far in life many of them say throughout their research. Being confident is not only a healthy way for teenage girls to progress through life, but can make a huge difference in the success they will have. The sociological influence of social media is enormous in today’s world as it is more and more a part of everyday culture. It seems teens look to these social sites as a reference for how they should behave a guide for conformity if you will. Although many teens look through this media with harmless curiosity, some are obsessive over it to a point to it dictates their own life. Sociologists look at teenage girls with having a very easily influenced mindset and social media having such a profound impact on their young minds may not be a good thing. Throughout this article, it talks about the body image. This took place in London in the year 2000. “A panel, headed by Tessa Jowell, Minister for Women, led a discussion among representatives of the media and British fashion industry” (Cussins, 105). The point of this was event was to help consider the effects of how images throughout advertisements and magazines change teenage girls. Also this is how they wanted to develop a general understanding with these ideas and how to incorporate a “social and ethical awareness in their promotional activities” (Cussins, 105). This article would relate to my work of study as a qualitative method. For my research I am conducting on teenage girls between the ages of 14-18 which is a quota method. I found it helpful for my study by allowing an age difference so you can get...
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