Social Media's Role in the Middle East

Topics: Facebook, Iran, Middle East Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: November 25, 2011
Jalal K. Khan Pg. 1
“The role of social media in the Middle East”

All of us at least know a little when it comes to social media and its role in the world. Some examples are online dating, communication, and watching videos from around the world. But as social media continues to grow, so will the usage for them. Social media initially started out as a way to communicate with friends and loved ones, but over a short period of time it has grown into something of a necessity. There are several new ways of utilizing the power of social media, but none is as significant as organizing protest or rallies. During the recent Middle East uprising, we all have seen a different side of social media and its power. How has social media been able to help achieve these goals and why was it one of the key components in the uprisings.

The domino effect that has taken place in the Middle East isn’t something that sprung out nowhere. The people of the Middle East have long been frustrated and oppressed by their governments. Politics, economy, high unemployment rate, and police brutality our just some examples of why more protest and rallies are occurring. The population is realizing from examples in other countries, the power they have if they join hands and speak as one voice. Uprisings from Tunisia then to Egypt and Libya have been successful but that’s not always the case. Protest in Iran and Saudi Arabia haven’t been as successful because of shear use government forces and power. Syrian government which continues to shoot and murder innocent citizens taking part in protest is a prime example how hard it is too overthrow a regime. With the help of social media the world gets too see and feel what is going on inside these countries. Dictators and government authorities tell the world that what’s happening in their countries is gang related or foreign forces interfering, but social media makes us see and hear otherwise....
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