Social Learning Theory

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  • Published: December 29, 2012
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Albert Bandura & Walter Mischel; Social Learning Theory
Rebecca Campbell
PSY 330 Theories of Personality
Shannon Sellers
June 3, 2011

Albert Bandura & Walter Mischel; Social Learning Theory
While working on the Alaskan Highway, Bandura got to know the men he worked with. Most of these men had fled to Alaska in order to escape the creditors, alimony and probation officers. This is what gave him the incentive to major in psychology. Albert Bandura received his B.A. From the University of the British Columbia in 1949. He then obtained his PhD. From the University of Iowa in 1952. During this period of study he developed the social learning theory. Bandura has many awards and honors from fellow psychologists. He received an achievement award from m The American Psychological Association and a Scientist Award from the California State Psychological Association (Isom, 1998).

Bandura was elected the president of the psychological Association in 1974 and in 1980 he was elected to the President of the Western Psychological Association. (Isom, 1998). In 1953, Albert Bandura started teaching at Stanford University. At this time Bandura and a graduate student by the name of Richard Walters, wrote and published the book titled "Adolescent Aggression" (Boerre, 1953).

Some of Bandura's beliefs were that research should be done in a laboratory in order to control factors that determines behavior. He also believed that we do not inherit violent tendencies but instead they are modeled. He believed that the "aggression reinforced by family members was the most prominent source of behavior modeling". Some believe that the environmental. experiences is a second influence of the social learning of violence in children. Bandura reported that individuals living in high crime rate areas are more likely to act violent (Isom, 1998). Mischel Lived and went to school in Brooklyn New york. At the New York University, Mischel studied psychology, sculpture and...
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