Social Issues vs Personal Problems

Topics: Person, Affect Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: October 7, 2012
​Would you take a bullet for a stranger? Is it selfish to say no? On one hand you could be saving a single mother supporting her family and on the other hand, a murderer himself. Every person has a sense of self-satisfaction as well as a sense and feeling of a community. ​When conflicted, naturally, we as humans look to others for guidance. Whether a broad problem faced by many or a personal problem affecting one, the support of another can sometimes help. But what problems must one face alone? We can base these moral decisions by factor of benefit. In other words, a personal problem is one that affects one person and the resolution to that problem would only benefit him/her in result. Additionally, if the ultimate decision to resolve, or repair that certain problem lies in an individuals hand, even though possibly persuaded by the community, it would be considered a personal problem, rather than a social issue. ​While a person can be conflicted by personal problems, larger, less direct issues can come across as well. Something that affects a mass amount of people, and as a whole the group can benefit from the resolution of this issue; it would be a social issue. These problems or issues less directly, but most certainly affect the individual. ​It is important to differentiate between the two because in order address either of these two issues, you must prioritize them and realize whom you may lean on for support. Personal problems are one person’s responsibility, although he/she may look to others for help. Also, social issues can be faced and resolved by many people.
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