Social Issue Sermon: Student/Teenage Anxiety

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Social Issue Sermon: Student/Teenage Anxiety

There is a line between the basic stresses of school and life, and anxiety. Anxiety affects more people than it may seem apparent, especially teenagers of middle to high school age. Anxiety in these cases are usually general or social. Anxiety can cause students to become easily overwhelmed with work when given to them in large amounts or without specific instruction. Often, students with anxiety find it difficult just to make it to school and are often absent, which leads to more anxiety over what they missed or what other students may think of them being absent so often. Children with anxiety that revolves around school are often switched to homeschool programs. Unfortunately, not all students are able to have this luxury, and must attempt to endure and push through their anxiety to do well in school. They have a more difficult time than the average student. Students with more visible or “serious” medical conditions are often accommodated in order to make their learning experience more organized or flexible. Anxiety is caused by chemical imbalance in the brain, therefore, making it a proper medical issue. Why then, are there not strides taken in order to help students who are suffering from anxiety?

Imagine, you go to bed at a reasonable time. You toss and turn for maybe an hour or so, unable to sleep because your mind is racing. When you close your eyes, you see nothing but what you have to do tomorrow, the next day, the next day, the next day and it puts your stomach in knots. It’s like a circus is happening in your mind and you can’t shut it off. But eventually, you fall asleep. And you suddenly wake, maybe even without dreaming, to find that you are just as tired as you were before you went to bed. You drag yourself to the bathroom and you begin to think of the day ahead of you, first period, second period, third period. You have so many projects to begin, people you are going to have to deal...
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