Social Issue: Child abuse and how it affects early childhood development

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Jenny Lim
Oct 23, 2012
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Social Issue: Child abuse and how it affects early childhood development.

1. What is child abuse and how do you identify it?

Child abuse, also referred as child maltreatment, is an act made by the parent, guardian, or caretaker that results in the child’s death, injury, or emotional discomfort (Joyful Heart Foundation, 1). Child abuse is not solely physical; it can be sexual abuse, neglect, and emotional abuse. Physical and sexual abuses are more recognizable and obvious, making them the easier case to solve. Neglect and emotional abuse can be just as damaging, and dangerously subtle (Child Abuse and Neglect, 3). Unfortunately, most children do not even know they are being abused; making it is incredibly hard to identify child maltreatment, “their reactions can vary by personality, culture or age” (Signs of Abuse and Neglect, 1). There are plenty of warning signs of each different types of mistreatment. For emotional abuse; it can be excessive fear of doing something wrong, extremes in behavior, detached to guardian, and more (Child Abuse and Neglect). Physical abuse can be identified by frequent unexplained bruises, welts, or cuts that appear to have pattern as an object used by guardian, flinches from touch, wears clothing that cover up scars and marks (Child Abuse and Neglect). Warning signs for neglect in children would be exampled as clothing (unsuitable for weather, dirty, ill-fitting, etc.), bad hygiene, untreated sicknesses, and frequently late for school and to activities, unsupervised, etc (Child Abuse and Neglect). Last, warning signs for sexually abused children would generalize around having trouble sitting and walking, knowledge of sexual acts at inappropriate age, avoids specific person, STD or pregnancy, runs away (Child Abuse and Neglect).

2. What is early childhood development?

Early childhood development, known as ECD, “is the most rapid period of development in a human life” (What...
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