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Topics: Sexually transmitted disease, Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality Pages: 4 (1064 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Juvenile compensated dating and ways to tackle it

It has recently arouse to the public’s attention that the issue of juvenile Enjo kōsai, in English means juvenile compensated dating, has been worsening in Hong Kong. According to the survey reports conducted by The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK) in 2011 and the Hong Kong Association of Sexuality Educators, Researchers and Therapists (HKASERT) in 2009, 23% of school girls accepted compensated dating behavior with almost 24% among them accepted compensated dating with sexual transection; and nearly 5% of school girls had engaged in this immoral activity. School girls involving compensated dating may easily fall victim to both physical harm as well as mental illness. In order to alleviate this worrisome situation, people might propose prohibiting this immoral activity by legislation. However, it is not an entirely effective way to put an end on this issue. Rather, we have to combat with its root causes, girls involved in compensated dating since they have inadequate sexual knowledge, they are being materialist and they are lack of care and love. These problems can be tackled by arranging a compulsory sex education class, create a “Values of Life” topic in Liberal Studies and increase the number of school social workers.

First, school girls involved in compensated dating because they have inadequate sexual knowledge. FPAHK’s Youth Sexuality Study (2011) revealed 67% and 19% girl respondents believe that external ejaculation is an effective contraception method and the number of sexual partners is not related to the chance of infecting sexually transmitted diseases respectively. School girls were lack of knowledge about the seriousness and the adverse effects of inappropriate sexual relationships. Both physical harm and emotional problem will inevitably result. They might get pregnant accidentally and they might suffer in venereal diseases, like AIDS and HIV, which are incurable. Besides, they...
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