Social Irresponsibility

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  • Published : July 9, 2002
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Social irresponsibility

Scanning the conforming, ephemeral trendy masses, a large percent of the attire donned by the populace is made by cheap labor under horrible conditions. Many of the stores that fill malls and line streets are stocked with morally tainted products. Various popular brand names and stores use sweat shops as a means of production to maintain a low manufacturing cost, and reap a higher profit. Not only do these socially irresponsible conglomerates exist, they thrive on the blinded, and complacent materialistic society. Outfitting popular sports teams, and celebrities, these businesses have immense control, and take a big part in not only the fashion industry, but foreign affairs, as well. Although providing labor to third world countries may at first seem acceptable, the circumstances under which these sweatshops run are not. There are lists of rules by the United Nations, that outline the requirements a corporation must meet to be a socially responsible company. There are many companies that are popular today, however, that don't meet the criteria stipulated by the UN, and fall in the "sweatshop" category.

Hoards of people, distracted by catchy advertising and creative logos, fuel the machine that feeds on exploiting human beings. Addidas, Nike, Banana Republic, all just a few of the brand names that encroach on poverty stricken countries and exploit the people there. As a country, society contributes to the oppression of these people, by buying goods produced in this manner. Although inhumane, and unethical, blinded either by ignorance or apathy, people still support these businesses. But not only are they thriving from support, these conglomerates lead the way in profit, and popularity. Appealing to not only adult, but consuming the minds of teenagers as well, the market is prime for unaware people to be emerged in consumerism, and contribute to the capitalist industrialization.

Like a game of chess, these major...
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