Social Interview Questions

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Social Work Interview

Jessica Delk

Vicksburg, Mississippi

A) Educational and practice background

Jessica is a graduate of Co-Lin Community College in 1999 and Alcorn State University

in 2001.

B) Certification or specialty credentials held

Jessica is a certified case manager and do not hold any credentials.

C) What is the social worker’s definition of social work?

She stated that a social worker is someone who is an advocate for someone who can’t

speak for themselves due to lack of knowledge and for someone whose ability to do for

themselves is limited.

D) What inspired the individual to become a social worker?

She wanted to work with people who were in need of any kind of help to make a

difference in their lives.

E) Description of current positions/duties

Coordinator of Elderly Day Treatment Program

Socializes with elderly 50 years and older and peers of their age

Coordinates a newsletter every month

Runs a group (elderly) everyday in devotion

F) What population does the social worker currently service?

Elderly with Mental Illness-50 years and older

G) Previous work experience in the field

Mental Health for 11 years

Case Manager for 10 years

Family Preservationist at Head-Start Center in 2001

H) Types of populations social worker has serviced in the past


Adult 18 years or older who carried a mental illness.

I) What does the social worker find most exciting and frustrating about his/her


It’s exciting to her to see improvement and a positive change in their lives. And also

when they take your advice and try to make a change.

It’s frustrating when the patients are not appreciative and they act like they don’t care and

repeat the same pattern of bad situations.

J) What professional organizations does the social worker participate?

She stated that there are no organizations that she is a participant of.

K) Future goals for the individual

She is content in what she does. She has worked with a wide variety of all peers and

enjoys the elderly the most.

L) What advice does the social worker give for new social workers?

Definitely don’t get discouraged and don’t think you won’t make a difference. Do all the

work and you may seem like nothing is helping but it’s a process to progress.

M) Why do you wish you to work with the elderly versus children, teens and adults?

Children aren’t so much of a problem but the teens are sometimes hard to get through to.

They basically have their mind set on how they are going to do certain things versus the

elderly; they are content and extra kind like babies. The environment with the elderly is

pleasant and less frustrating.

N) The interview process was a very pleasing experience for me. The social worker,

Jessica Delk was very kind and willing to cooperate with my interview. The setting

where the interview took place was her office located at the Elderly Day Sitting facility

where she’s the coordinator. Based on the interview, I have different perception of what I

began with. I was not focused on becoming a social worker in the beginning under no

circumstances. I was undecided about what I wanted to pursue, but after interviewing the

individual she took me into considering the profession. I was discouraged because I was

afraid it would a lot of work and skillful techniques to becomes a social worker but she

explained to me that it’s wasn’t as difficult as I was making it seem.

Tiffany Ware

Introduction to Social Work

Ms. Antrina Bell

Assignment #4-Social Work Interview

Alcorn State University
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