Social Interaction & Social Structure

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Social Interaction
Social Structure

SOCIAL INTERACTION is the, social action of two or more people taking each other into account in their action

SOCIAL ACTION refers to those actions which people are conscious of doing because of other people.

There are some studies about Social Interaction. Those are ETHNOMETHODOLOGY and DRAMATURGY.

ETHNOMETHODOLOGY is the study of the norms governing social interaction, this approach normally involves purposely violating commonly understood rules as a means to gauge the nature of people’s response.

DRAMATURGY understands social interaction in terms of the theatre. In dramaturgical sociology it is argued that human actions are dependent upon time, place, and audience.

Goffman used such theatrical terms as frontstage and backstage to refer to the staged sets of real life. Frontstage is where the act is put on, where all actors are engaged in the production and the script is followed. Front stage is where the performance takes place and the performers and the audiences are present.

Back stage is where performers are present but audience is not, and the performers can step out of character without fear of disrupting the performance. Backstage is where the performers can take off their various masks and specified identities and safely abandon the performance for a time. By monitoring the effects of their roles on others, individuals engage in what Goffman termed impression management.

Outside, or off-stage, is the place where individuals are not involved in the performance (although they may not be aware of it).

There are types of Social Interaction namely: Nonverbal Behavior, Exchange, Cooperation, Conflict and Competition.

For Nonverbal Behavior it is communication transmitted in symbols other than language such as facial expression, gesture and posture.

Exchange is a social interaction with the express purpose of receiving mutual rewards.

Cooperation is a social interaction...
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